Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gearing up for Filminute 2011

It always feels like such short rest. Soon after we wind down from one festival, we start gearing up for the next year. The official Call for Entry for Filminute 2011 will be announced in Spring 2011, however we will spend the next few months discussing the one-minute film genre and raising expectations on quality. Each year, the films get better and that's not by accident.

We invite you to follow Filminute on Facebook, and we encourage you to participate in the discussion by sharing your views and comments there as filmmakers, creative producers, or members of our audience who love and appreciate one-minute films. During the festival, our Facebook page is one of our most important communication outlets and is easily one of the top means by which our fans share their favourite films.

Twitter account is also one of our important communities. Follow Filminute on Twitter at