Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stretch Goals

At inception, Filminute set out to build the biggest and best one-minute film festival in the world. We gauged the response from our audiences and the creative community, and tweaked the model until (arguably) we reached that goal.

Then we got ambitious ;-) Filminute's stretch goal for 2010: build the biggest & best film festival in the world.

Not so easy...but sure as hell going to try! This September, Filminute 2009 will test out models that make the business smarter and sharper. We'll apply what we learn for 2010.

Filminute will reach 50% of our goal by virtue of the quality of the films we collect. In a recessionary year, we are pleased by what we have curated and on September 1 we look forward to your reaction.

Filminute owes a world of thanks to our programmers; they've been reviewing films since last February. And we appreciate our selection committee for giving us their honest opinion on what films should make the final cut.

Armen Antranikian in The Observer

Armen Antranikian, one of the stars of Filminute 2007, has kept himself busy. Today, he's featured in an article in The Observer discussing the future of filmmaking and how "tomorrow's film directors use digital technology to overcome obstacles."

Armen also has a new short film coming called Alice Alive.
A sci-fi rom-com that tells the story of Jason, a lonesome teenager who finds love unexpectedly when Alice, his neglected Japanese android, malfunctions.
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Hey Armen...are we getting a Filminute submission from you for Filminute 2010? Your One Minute Guide to Planet Earth will be a hard act to follow, but we're sure you can do it ;-) Congratulations on your coverage in The Observer.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The mini highlight reel

Yes, Twitter has turned us into lazy Bloggers, but I digress.

Crunch time leading up to this year's festival launch, and here are some recent highlights:
  • Part way through yesterday, Filminute submissions rolled in EVERY 5 MINUTES. Belgium, Macedonia, Turkey, Norway, et al, KEEP IT COMING.
  • Submissions due ★ Aug 20 ★
  • Once again, we're seeing international collaborations and co-productions make their way towards Filminute. Very inspiring to see people work this way.
  • Poland, UK, Australia, Canada, Romania, USA, Germany, India leading the pack in Filminute submissions from 32 countries. Can we break 60?
  • Did I mention...submissions due ★Aug 20 ★