Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Revving up the blog, once again

Admittedly, Twitter has turned us into lazy bloggers. But the time has come once again to rev up the blog and slowly start gearing up for the next few milestone dates (the 20 August submission deadline, and the 1 September start date of Filminute 2011).

We've been using Blogger from the start. Of late, we've started paying attention to some of the innovations in other blogging platforms (like Tumblr). Deep down we were hoping not to have to switch platforms. CLEARLY there are some advantages to being on a platform owned by Google... Search, Google Analytics, Adwords...it all adds up. Blogger also ranks as the most reliable platform (widely reported in December 2010, eg. TechCrunch)

We've had a peek at what's brewing, and we hope some of these design innovations come into play soon... Here's a preview they've hinted at.