Sunday, June 01, 2008

International exposure

Filminute seeks out and promotes the best one-minute films the world has to offer: engaging, entertaining & provocative works that resonate well beyond the 60-second viewing.

Filminute 2007 was a banner year, with over 2 million individual screenings of one-minute films. 2008 promises to be bigger. Can we hit 10 million screenings? Very likely.

Already, more than 35 news, media, and entertainment organizations have signed on to cover Filminute 2008 this September. We expect the number of participating newspapers and media to grow significantly over the coming months and look forward to the initiative helping this year’s films and filmmakers reach new and important audiences around the world.

Filmmakers, creative directors, artists, animators, writers, and all: submit your film before August 20, 2008 to be eligible for Filminute 2008.