Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Submissions overview

Now that we've completed the Call for Entry, submission, and review stages, we've got some updated numbers on where Filminute films came from this year.

While Filminute has customarily attracted a significant portion of our festival audience from India, this is the year we saw India overtake all other countries in submissions. Over 15% of submissions came from India, surging past a flood of US filmmakers. You will see 2 Indian films on this year's shortlist.

The US has been a late entrant to the party and for the first time caught up to our UK volume of submissions. Central and Eastern Europe continue to be a powerful source of films, and that's been consistent since the Filminute's inception in 2006.

We also saw our broadest array of films from Central and South America, with submissions from Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil.

More insights to come. But it all becomes tangible tomorrow when we announce the Filminute 2010 shortlist. Let the screenings begin!