Monday, August 09, 2010

Submissions..the home stretch

In 11 days, we'll close the door on submissions and begin to make our final selects for Filminute 2010. The persistent and perennial August 20 submission deadlines rules us for 8 months, and then we agonise for a few days making the final cuts. The endless viewing of films, the back and forth between our management team and prospective filmmakers — it always pays off. 

Our selection committee is picky and prickly, and for a reason. We expect our audience and our jurors to be picky and prickly so it's best that we be brutally critical first. Now 5 years into the festival, we owe quality to a worldwide audience when Filminute 2010 goes live on September 1 every year.

Last year, so much of the festival was intertwined with social media, especially with the appearance of LINE on the shortlist. That one-minute film originated as a Twitter post by Twitter fiction writer Arjun Basu. It went on to win our People's Choice award winner, and the twitterati definitely weighed in on that outcome!

Following on that, leading up to September 1 we ask you to do 2 things: join us on Facebook and/or on Twitter, because these platforms are becoming increasingly central to the Filminute festival experience.