Thursday, September 02, 2010

Everybody's a critic. ★ OR ★★ OR ★★★ OR ★★★★ OR ★★★★★?

Everyone has an answer to the question "What's your favourite film?" When our jurors review the shortlisted 25 films, we ask them to judge the submissions as "films", which brings a subjective and an objective critique to the process.

Our ratings from the public are just as important as the decision by our Filminute jury.  ★ OR ★★ OR ★★★ OR ★★★★ OR ★★★★★? Let us know what you think of each film. In addition, we hope you share these films via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. We set out to build a film festival that was accessible to as many people worldwide as possible, which is possible when dealing with one-minute films.

Last but not least, the People's Choice Award: everyone in the world is entitled to one vote. After you've watched all 25 films, make your selection of the "best" film, best for whatever reason that resonates with you personally. We've never had the jury and the public finally agree on a winning film — although some years it's come close.