Thursday, September 23, 2010

Filminute on Feedback

Every year, Filminute has committed to collecting a cross-section of comments to share with each director on our shortlist. We often extend that feedback and support to films that narrowly missed making the final cut.

What we have heard back from filmmakers is that some gleaned more insight around their work from participating in Filminute over any other film festival they had ever entered. We would like to keep up to this high standard that Filminute has set.

This year we've specifically augmented and refined the social media support around the films and the festival experience. We are gauging whether audiences will be more prone to communicate even more around the films, and we curious to see what the qualitative difference is in the feedback sent to us via our form presented beneath each film -VS- the comments put out to the Twitterverse, Facebook, et al.

Given the recent research discoveries around Twitter being a better predictor of box office than prediction markets (research by HP Labs, covered in Fast Company), we wondered if that parallel would provide any indicators or insights that would be useful to filmmakers.

As we hope you can appreciate, Filminute is more than just one experiment. We expect our hypotheses to lead to a collection of insights and outcomes that first benefit our Filminute community (adding 25 filmmakers every year). In turn, we hope to have a larger impact on the film, television, and creative industries through our community.

Last but not least, in support of all these experiment, please do invite your peers, networks, friends and family to participate fully. In under one hour, everyone can rate all the films, provide comments on some, share several, and vote for their favourite. This is how we will grow the data and build a large enough sample to validate whatever we find. 7 DAYS LEFT! Let's max out and see what we learn.

★ Everybody's a critic, so rate all the films ;-)